gadgets, templates & blogger apps....oh my!

this blogging stuff isn't for the weak minded.  As I try to figure out what the heck a gagdet is & what app I need to buy to blog from my iphone, we are deep in the middle of tball championship games & softball district tourneys!  Tonight, gage's team the "big dawgs" won their last game to earn 1st place for the season!  my boy got on base in the last inning, scored & managed to NOT throw any dirt in his coaches face this game. SO that is a WIN WIN for this momma!  This wasn't the case last week, but I won't bring up old stuff.  any insite on apps, gadgets or raising a respectful kid would be greatly appreicated.  


author...no. blogger author...i guess so.

family.  props to my one and only evie.  she convinced me to join the world of FB & now blogging.  i'm certainly not an author, but adore my family enough to share life as the miles are between us.  and since i don't find the time to scrap anymore....here i am...Letbetter party of 4!